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A&E 'Longmire' David Ridges is alive & uses old Tribal myths to torment Branch

Longmire” (A&E) can be seen each Monday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on July 28, 2014 was called, “Counting Coup.” The overnight cable TV ratings are not yet available. This is the 9th episode of the 3rd TV season. It has stayed above 3.3 million TV viewers all season & fans say 10 episodes are too short for their favorite modern day western.

Vic investigates
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Longmire” stars, Robert Taylor (Walt Longmire), Katee Sackhoff (Victoria “Vic” Moretti), Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry Standing Bear), Bailey Chase (Branch Connally), Cassidy Freeman (Cady Longmire) & Adam Bartley (The Ferg).

Counting Coup” opened with Walt & Vic interrogating one of Branch's friends. He claims that Branch offered him money to change his story about the kidnapping of a Cheyenne man who sells peyote. He's also afraid of Branch who has completely gone over the edge with David Ridges. David calls Branch on his cell & they meet on a bridge. Branch pulls a gun & David says that he cannot kill him because Branch is chasing ghosts.

David says that he “counted coup” three times on Branch. First, he planted an eagle feather on him & took his courage. Second, he went into his dreams & took his peace. Third, he took a picture of him & now his soul belongs to David. He says the next time he sees Branch, he will kill him. David jumped into the river & Branch shot at him using up all his bullets. David remains alive.

Walt & Vic question Sam who Branch had kidnapped & tortured. He lights up “sage” & tells them to prepare for battle against Branch who has been infected by bad medicine.

Meanwhile, Cady & Henry go over his case when a judge moves up his trial. It is now two weeks away & they have not prepared his defense yet. Ruby brings in a vanilla envelope which holds divorce papers between Sean & Vic. The court wants Walt to deliver them to Vic. Branch comes into the office to tell Walt he found David. Walt wants to talk to him instead about the kidnapping of Sam. Branch blames Vic for telling Walt about Sam & attacks her.

Walt goes to see Jacob Nighthorse to tell him that David is alive. He also tells him that he will find out what's going on because David infected Branch with peyote.

Why does Ferg release Branch from jail? Is Henry ready for a murder trial only two weeks away? Can Walt figure out all this David Ridges conspiracy? You can watch the full episode of “Counting Coup” at the A&E website.

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