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A&E brings back Dave Hester (YUUUP man, the Mongul) on 'Storage Wars'

Dave Hester
Dave Hester

“Storage Wars” Season 5 on A&E is returning for another frenzied round of storage locker bidding. However, viewers will be in for a treat this season. They are bringing back Dave Hester, the YUUUP man, the mongul! It's official, according to Facebook and the A&E previews for the new season.

Fellow cast members show their displeasure at his return on the previews. Darrell Sheets declares, “I can’t even think I’m so pissed off!” Jarrod Shulz asks, “Are you kidding me right now?” Brandi’s take on his return was, “He’s sick in the head.” Some cast members don’t even know who Dave Hester is. However, that doesn’t bother Dave as he tells the cameras, “I’m kind of excited to piss people off.”

The A&E Facebook page announced Dave’s return and the fan reviews are mixed. Some fans are happy that they have brought Dave back, while others wrote their displeasure. There were many who wanted Barry to come back to the show instead of Dave.

Kyle Stinson posted, “Love him or hate him, the show is better with him. Now just get Barry back!” Arturo Leal III wrote, “Thank you for bringing Dave back.” Keith Thomas added his thoughts, “Dave makes the show alot better. I don't like the new people” Lisa Ann said, "I'll take Dave over those weirdos Renee and his fugly wife” One poster summed it up very well. Mike Gee said, "we all dislike Dave but that is WHY the show was good. We love to hate him just like JR Ewing. Don't you all remember when he dropped that priceless music box on the ground and busted it up. That was awesome! I welcome Dave back. Now The Gambler can go back to being the Gambler and not some Dave Hester wanna be.”

Others have said that they will stop watching Storage Wars now that Dave is back. Dave CR posted, “All that crap Dave talk and he is back on she show . What a hypocrite..” And, Dennis Moore posted, “I can't believe you brought that Douche' Hester back, your ratings must really be slipping....only way to save this show is to bring back Barry!”

Some fans are wondering why A&E would bring him back after he filed a lawsuit against them for fakery. Kevin Larkin wrote, “Let me get this right. Dave was fired from the show because he reported the show as a fake. A lawsuit ensured and now he's coming back? OK"

Almost two years ago, Dave was fired from the show when he publically declared that the show was a fake. According to Dave, the show’s producers salted the lockers with merchandise to make the show more exciting. They had even asked Dave to add some of his things to the lockers. Dave accused A&E of paying the plastic surgery bill of a fellow female cast member. It was shortly after that, A&E terminated Dave from the show.

Dave sued the production company and network. When he filed the lawsuit, he was ordered to pay $122,000 in legal fees. However, Dave refused. The legal document said, “Plaintiff, however, not only has refused to satisfy that Judgment, he asks the Court to block Defendants’ attempts to enforce it, characterizing AETN’s [A&E Television Network] rightful enforcement efforts as ‘gamesmanship.’”

“In reality, is it Plaintiff who is playing games, by misinterpreting (and ignoring) the clear law that entitles Defendants to enforce their judgment now. Plaintiff has no valid reason for this Court to intervene in their lawful and proper collection attempts.”

In July, Dave Hester settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount of money. The terms of this deal is sealed. The document simply states, “Judgment is satisfied in full.”

So, whether you love Dave Hester, or hate him, tune in to A&E’s “Storage Wars” on August 12, 2014 at 8 p.m. central.

Are you happy that Dave is back on "Storage Wars?" Do you consider his return to be an asset to the series, or will it bring the show down in the ratings?

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