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A.E. Angel on 'Dead Whispers Ghostly EVPs'

Dead Whispers Ghostly EVPs

Brought to you by Schiffer Books.

1. Could you tell us the origins of your all female paranormal investigation team Whaling City Ghosts and how they fit in to your new book Dead Whispers Ghostly EVPs?

Gabrielle Lawson is from Abington, MA and is the head of Scientific Research for the team. Crystal Washington is from New Bedford, MA and is our lead investigator, Debby White-Paiva is from Fall River, MA and is our head of Historic Research and Susan Swanbeck is from New Bedford, MA and is the head of Psychic Research.

All members help to gather data at investigations and provide some of the audio clips or EVP that are included on the CD that comes with Dead Whispers, though the bulk of the audio was recorded by me. Each has had experience with the paranormal during the normal course of their lives and add to the ghost magnetism of my team which I believe helps us to communicate with ghosts. When I first envisioned Whaling City Ghosts, I had hopes that if I built a team of ghost magnets, the ghosts would come, and the ghosts would speak. I think the audio included on the Dead Whispers Audio CD speaks for itself, for I do believe I was successful in creating a team ghosts seem to enjoy interacting with.

2. Would you share with us a bit about the audio cd that comes with the book with the EVPs on it?

The audio CD that comes with Dead Whispers has EVP from about 7 years of work with my team. The final draft of the CD has 96 EVPs with an introduction. Hundreds of hours were spent experimenting with ways to make them more audible for people who don’t listen to EVP all the time and I hope will help some learn to hear the voices of the dead more clearly. I don’t do much editing to my audio clips, except that I do amplify them at times to make them a bit louder for inexperienced ears. I believe EVP is a learned art and that with more practice and help, most people can hear them. I provided EVP from many sites around New England and some of my favorite haunts.

3. Investigating the Lizzie Borden home is very darkly fascinating. Could you share with us a bit about those experiences there?

Lizzie Borden’s has quite an array of activity. Some things I’ve experienced were profound. At one investigation I was pushing Abby Borden to speak of the day she was murdered with an ax. Suddenly I felt as if my face was burning, there was a significant temperature difference between the two sides of my face. During a séance performed by the “house psychic” of Lizzie Borden’s, I decided to see if the table reacted to anyone else when the psychic had stepped out of the room. The end result was a broken table, for the thing jumped up and attacked me. At one point the effort of keeping the table from smashing into my face was such a strain my arms were shaking as I fought it off. Lizzie Borden’s never fails to provide me with excellent EVP and experiences. There are quite a few EVP clips that go along with the Lizzie Borden chapter (some with explicit language) that I’m sure everyone will enjoy listening to.

4. So what is your over all team’s perspective on ghosts? Actual spirits caught in limbo or glimpses from our now moment of the past etc or all of the above or something else.

When dealing with the paranormal you have to remain open minded. Ghosts could be anything, alien communication, contact with future/past people from this Earth, or the lost souls of human beings. I tend to think that we are dealing with the souls/consciousness of people who once lived and breathed right here in our world.

5. What are some of the EVPs in your encounters that spooked your team the most?

It’s pretty hard to spook us with EVP, I even listen to audio before bed with no trouble sleeping. One particular EVP that creeped me out but is not included on the Dead Whispers Audio CD was from a private case that made a threat toward a baby. I have to admit, that night I had trouble sleeping. One creepy one that is included on the audio CD is “Hello again.” It was recorded in a haunted mill building in Fall River, Massachusetts and made it obvious the spirit recognized us and greeted us accordingly. Another that is pretty creepy came from Lizzie Borden’s house and uses foul language. One that will forever be burned into my memory are the screams taken at the Fall River mill building. The bulk of the recording is blood curdling female screams, followed by a male voice that asks, “Who are you?” then, “LEAVE!” We believe the screams are those of a murdered female mill worker, and the male voice is that of her attacker, a reverend who was acquitted of the crimes. If anything about EVP bothers me, that would be hearing the voices of dead children. I don’t think anyone can hear a little child ghost and not have their heartstrings be pulled!

6. I am curious to what type equipment you use to pick up the EVPS. Would you tell us about that?

We use a variety of different recorders on investigations. I never use a microphone, for I feel that I like to keep my recording range small. If I’ve got a high powered microphone to record with, how would I know if voice came from a mile down the street, rather than knowing because of my shorter recording range that it was in the same room with me? I use a cheap RCA recorder and have recently taken up a more expensive recorder, the Zoom H2. This allows you to hear the EVP “live” at the time of the recording and can help me to know if I’m getting responses much more quickly. I’ve never believed that you needed really expensive equipment to get great EVPs. Just lots of time and patience, not only with the ghosts you may come into contact with, but for the hours of audio review that accompanies each investigation. Some of the girls on the team use Sony recorders and others use Olympus models. Either way, we do get quality recordings of the voices of the dead.

7. Would you tell us about some of the pictures of ghost activity you have shared in the book? Especially the one with the small child and the ones from Lizzie Borden.

The photo I believe is a small child was taken in the haunted Fall River mill. I believe it is the spirit of a child worker who may or may not have passed away in the building. Many mills hired children to do hard physical labor in the mill and with such unsafe working conditions and their smaller size, numerous children were injured or even killed during the course of normal operations. When this was captured, Whaling City Ghosts was leaving one location to set up in another area of the mill. I was lagging behind and as I caught up with the team, I thought I heard a soft whisper behind me. When I turned I didn’t see anything with my naked eyes, but taking a few quick shots, my camera caught what my eyes could not see. In the two shots where the apparition is visible, you can clearly see he changes position.

The mist photos in Lizzie Borden’s were taken in the basement. Much activity had been reported down there, especially the presence of unexplainable smells, mainly, rotten food and cigar smoke. I began taking pictures and later noticed that there was a strange mist in the photos. The mist appeared to be in motion and changes shape between the shots. It wouldn’t be the first time something strange happened in Lizzie’s house!

Lastly there are some photos that were taken by my son with his cell phone camera in my house. The shots are low quality and don’t show up as well as I’d like them to in the book, but I will be placing them on Whaling City Ghosts’ website so readers can view them a bit more carefully. This was just after an investigation in the Freetown-Fall River State Forest that led to a spirit following me home. The very first shot in which a man can be seen standing in my kitchen is what I believe the be the human part of this haunt in my house, which lasted for the better part of a year before I was successful in removing it from my home.

8. What is the history of the Cult Murders in Chapter 3 and what happened there?

The Cult Murders occurred during the late 1970s to early 1980s. Three women were brutally murdered, decapitated and sexually molested after death. When all was said and done, three people were jailed for the crimes. Carl Drew was the alleged ringleader of the cult, while Andre Maltais was a cult member and boyfriend to one of the murder victims. Robin Murphy who was a prostitute/pimp in the New Bedford/Fall River area was also incarcerated for the crimes. She recently was let out on parole but broke her parole agreement and was sent back to prison. Barbara Raposa, Doreen Levesque and Karen Marsden were the three victims of the cult. Karen Marsden’s murder was by far the most brutal and to this day, her remains have yet to be found. Her body was identified by skull fragments and jewelry found near the scene of the crime. Robin Murphy who turned state witness in hopes of gaining a lesser sentence filled in the horrid details of how they abused Karen in her last moments, and even after death. One of the EVPs we recorded that night is a sing song female voice telling us, “You will serve Satan.” This string of grisly murders are still to this day, some of the worst crimes our area has ever seen.

9. Any other special places you gals have visited that you would like to tell our readers about?

Whaling City Ghosts has recently been to Martha’s Vineyard and visited many haunted sites, cemeteries and Native American Burial Grounds. We hope to return and delve a bit further into these locations, as while we were visiting there we did record some interesting EVP. We also have quite a few investigations in our area that are ongoing, so we hope to provide more fascinating EVP to our readers and fans very soon!

10. What is in the future for the Whaling City Ghosts investigation wise and any links you would like to share? Thanks.

Whaling City Ghosts plans to continue delving into the paranormal and getting to know our ghosts better with each passing investigation. We hope to continue to interact with the spirits that we’ve all grown to love. Many of our cases are ongoing as we like to do a bit more than just gather evidence. We hope to help the living come to terms with living in haunted homes, and to help the general public be able to hear EVP more clearly. Though my plans are to write fiction and am working toward that end, Dead Whispers was such an enjoyable project to work on, I plan to write more similar books in the near future. I hope that the tight bond that the members of our team enjoy will continue to help ghosts to trust us and interact with us for years to come!

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