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‘A Duggar Leaves Home’; Amy Duggar follows Nashville dream of being a singer

Jim Bob Duggar helped Amy Duggar learn to drive
Jim Bob Duggar helped Amy Duggar learn to drive
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Fans of “19 Kids and Counting’ have always noticed one Duggar family member who is slightly more adventurous than the others. Yes, we are talking about Amy Duggar and the reality star is bound and determined to follow her dream. According to the Duggar family blog on Tuesday, the cousin to the famous family is heading to Nashville to follow her dream.

While some of the kids of the popular family are happy to get married and have kids, it appears that Amy Duggar wants more. Grabbing her mom Deanna and Grandma Duggar, they head to Nashville to see if they can make her dreams come true. From the moment the three individuals are seen driving into town, the fans know that this is going to be an interesting glimpse at what happens to someone who wants to be a singer.

The TLC special offers a look at how a novice who has a dream takes the first step in becoming a super star in Nashville. Complete with triumphs and failures, the one hour special gives viewers a taste of what it is like for someone who pursues their dream of singing and heads to Nashville to discover the possibilities. It is obvious that Amy Duggar is looking at a tough road if she wants to be a music star and her journey is in the infant stages to make it happen.

It appears that Amy Duggar has the support of the entire “19 Kids and Counting” cast as the family loves to share the cameras with their family member. In the sneak peek of Amy Duggar's like highlighted on the show, she is getting tips on how to drive by Jim Bob Duggar and it looks like they are having fun. The interesting journey offers a look at how Amy moves on by herself and continues to promote the family name. Jim Bob and Michelle are big fans of Amy too.

There is a one-hour special of “19 Kids and Counting” airing Tuesday, June 10, at 8 p.m. ET sharing moments of the Duggar family with Amy followed by the all-new special "A Duggar Leaves Home" at 9 p.m.