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A Drink and a Movie at the Landmark

Pick up a drink to enjoy at select screenings or relax before or after a show.
Pick up a drink to enjoy at select screenings or relax before or after a show.
Flor San Roman

High-end movie houses are constantly looking for avenues to entice viewers in a market glutted by options typically played up by choice locations and in-house perks. A bar within the building isn’t terribly new, but perhaps the 21+ shows at The Landmark Theatre on West Pico is a gimmick worth a look. Select shows are selected for this program and guests are invited to order their choice of drinks from The Wine Bar, a lounge one passes on the way into the theatres. Guests with appropriate ID and passes may then take their order in to the screening.

Movie ticket purchase is not required to enter the bar or order and simply recline in the mod-casual lounge. The 70s chic decor skirts going overboard, so while the carpets are shagalicious, the color palate is dark and muted, the better to avoid eye strain from unnatural shades. The ceiling slopes to the back so the eye is drawn to a sort of zen rock garden. If one wishes for an escape without leaving a drink behind, there is a veranda which affords a nice evening view over the West side.

All in all, the lounge is rather plain, the decor and classic rock music playing on the stereo notwithstanding. The intention here is a weigh station where friends can have a drink while waiting for the whole party to arrive, or where movie viewers can dissect a film afterwords. It’s comfortable enough but isn’t intended as a destination in and of itself.

For all that, the wine and beer lists are entertaining. Wines are available by the glass or bottle and it was a bit of a surprise to find an 03 Napa cabernet sauvignon ($160/bottle) for sale at a bar that seems to be largely an afterthought. There were some very nice sounding wines available by the glass, but the cost seemed a little much in the given circumstances. The Rosenblum zinfandel seemed worth the cost but ultimately it was merely okay.

The Wine Bar at the Landmark is open 4pm-11 Monday-Friday, 1pm-12am Saturday and 1pm-11 on Sunday. Happy hour is 4-630 Monday-Thursday - house wines are $6 and beers are $4. Food platters are available until 10pm. Call 310-470-0492 for information on show times, including 21+ screenings.  The Landmark Theatre is at 10850 W Pico Bl Los Angeles, CA 90064