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A dozen 9-11s – Obama’s Libyan Jihadi friends seize twelve jetliners

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Libyan Jihadis, the people Obama aided in overthrowing Qaddaffi, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, compatriots with ISIL, seized the Tripoli airport and made twelve jetliners disappear. A number of nations are making strategies to deal with potential 9-11 style attacks. Barack Obama and the Democrat media continue to refrain from saying anything about the Islamic Jihadis having a dozen guided megabombs they can use against cities in Europe and America.

Missing Libyan jetliners raise fears of 9-11 attacks

Favorite targets could include the most famous buildings in the world such as the White House, the Capitol, the Freedom Tower, British Parliament, the Vatican, the Hague, the Kremlin, major oil refineries, or even use them to transport hundreds of terrorists into American and European cities. Islamists throughout the Middle East have flocked to the various banners of Jihadis by the thousands. A coup such as a dozen successful 9-11 attacks would bring those wanting to join them flocking in the tens of thousands.

Clueless in Washington – the Obama strategy to deal with the Islamic State

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