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A Dog Who Listens To You

Pay Attention!
Pay Attention!
Eureka! Canine Behavior Specialist

Announcing a new book by Jane Davidson and Jan Gordon, Eureka! Canine Behavior Specialists “The Dog Training Manual”. It has long been the belief of Jane and Jan that well behaved dogs are far less likely to end up in dog shelters. They have devoted their life and careers to teaching dog owners the joy of “a dog who listens to you!” (

Jane teaches several classes in the North Dallas area and is also available for home visits and consultations for a training plan. She is a Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and her website and weekly newsletters are full of expert advice.

The Dog Training Manual is simple and easy to read for any and all dog owners. It is loaded with pictures and diagrams.

It has been proven that most dogs that end up in shelters are dogs that have caused problems at home due to bad behavior. A well-mannered dog is far less likely to cause problems that escalate out of control.

This book is dedicated to the thousands of dogs in shelters, with the hope that they may find their forever home with a kind and patient owner who will take a little time to understand their dog and help them be “a dog who listens to you”.

For more information on obtaining this book, and other dog training information and services by Eureka! Canine Behavior Specialists, please visit their website. You can also purchase this book from their website at or from


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