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A dog named Sue: Animal advocates rally around dog left untreated at shelter

UPDATED APRIL 4 A petition has been set up here.

Sue needs support of animal advocates to save her
Maria Sanchez

Debi Shuker, Animal Control Manager of the San Bernadino shelter, is back in the news, Facebook reported April 3.

Animal advocate Maria Sanchez is a familiar face at the San Bernadino shelter. Maria visits the shelter often, and photographs the dogs in need of a home. Maria then posts the photos on her Facebook wall with the hope someone will fall in love with the dog and go rescue it.

Maria visited a dog named Sue last week. She photographed the kennel Sue was being kept in. Sue was in serious condition with mucus pouring out of her nose onto the floor. There's also a leak in the roof that drips down on Sue when it rains.

Last Saturday Sue was already sick. Maria stood with Brian Sampson, the office supervisor, at Sue's kennel and showed him the piles of mucus she had thrown up. He told Maria on Saturday that he would start Sue on medication.

Maria had not seen Sue again until April 3, and it was clear that Sue was worse, not better. Maria asked the office staff if Sue was on medication, and was told she wasn't. This poor dog has been suffering in her kennel for a week now.

Maria asked to speak with Brian Sampson, but he was not available. Instead of helping, Debi Shuker called the San Bernadino police on Maria. Please watch the video attached to this article. It chronicles the conversation Maria had with officers.

Maria updated Sue's condition saying

"Sue is at General Dog and Cat hospital. She is on an IV. They did not say what her diagnosis was, but most likely she has pneumonia. Thank you to everyone who has emailed, I hope she hangs on a bit longer. She is finally going to be saved."

A very long list of people to contact by email requesting Sue be saved can be found by clicking here.

This is one story that needs to go viral to be sure Sue isn't euthanized when there are people out there desperately trying to save her, despite the medical issues that weren't acknowledged by the shelter.

This isn't the first time the San Bernadino shelter has come under fire. This Examiner article covered an investigation in January 2013.

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