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A dog named /icHe/

Hi guys!

Well, it’s true, her name is Itchy. When she arrived in Maine, she had a terrible itch on her back, so she was called, drum roll please, Itchy. The skin condition was cared for right away, with some medicine and a little affection, but the name stuck. I rather like it, as it rhymes with another favorite word…*itchy. As it turns out, Miss Itchy is in need of a great home to spend her days. She is a miniature pinscher mix of about 18 lbs. She is extremely active and energetic but also loves to cuddle on the couch. It is our belief, based on her energy level, that she is between 3-5 years old, however, her little beard is turning white, so she may be a bit older. She would do best with an active family. She is great with children, in fact, she adores the toddler who lives in her foster home. She also does okay with other dogs, after she acclimates to them. She doesn’t mind cats, in fact, she doesn’t acknowledge the cats that live at her current residence. She is housetrained, and fully vetted. Itchy also comes with a treasure trove of toys and worldly goods and a reduced adoption fee, if her adopter agrees to give her the best care ever! If you are interested in adopting this sweet little dog, please feel free to contact me via this website or via email at As always we have a number of other fine pets awaiting adoption, please check them out at, or contact me and let me know what kind of pup would be a great addition to your family and I’ll find him or her for you!

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