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A dog can make you smile: Adopt a dog

Dogs & owners gather for 2014 rufts Dog Show
Dogs & owners gather for 2014 rufts Dog Show
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A dog can make you smile when you are feeling sad and depressed.

Adopt a dog and smile again! A dog is known as man's best friend because they are adorable and smart. Most people enjoy playing and spending time with their dog.

Remember, if you keep your dog happy they will make you smile!

Keep your dog happy by doing the following things: walk them daily, feed them nutritious foods, provide clean drinking water, play with them, keep them clean and well groomed, take them to the veterinarian when they are sick and provide unconditional love. Locate a veterinarian in your area.

Adopt a dog and smile again! If you are a hoarder, do not adopt a dog. A dog must live in a safe environment!

If you have been sad for more than 14 days or depressed contact a doctor or mental health agency.

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