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A dog and guardian reunion, 17 months in the making

Screen shot via WTAE NEWS

According to Friday's WTAE News, thanks to an implanted microchip, a dog who had disappeared from her home in Kentucky nearly a year and a half ago, was reunited with her grateful guardian on Friday evening.

The amazing reunion is even more astonishing given that the dog, a beagle named "Sassy," was in Brentwood, Pa., at the time that the microchip was discovered.

Sassy was in foster care with April Smith and Hope Wilson, through the rescue agency, Forever Home Beagle Rescue, Inc. when the microchip was discovered; Sassy had developed a cough and was taken to a veterinarian, who scanned her for a microchip during the exam.

For some reason, the dog who had been pulled from the Boyd County Animal Shelter in Kentucky by the rescue group, had apparently never been scanned for a chip at the shelter.

With the newly discovered information, Sassy's true guardian, Cindy Romans, was as identified, and quickly contacted.

Romans filled in some of the missing information about how Sassy came to be a dog saved from death row...back in 2012, the beagle had been left with a family member while her guardian was away on vacation. A routine trek out to the yard somehow led to her mysterious disappearance - until Friday, Romans had feared that her dog was lost forever.

She expressed her gratitude about the amazing reunion to WTAE News:

Everyone has been such an angel with her, and I will never, ever, ever, ever be able to thank them enough for the wonderful care they're giving her,

I would love for every pet owner who has ever lost a pet to be able to feel this moment right now. I'm just over the moon excited."

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