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A doctor for your money worries and stress?

Many in the Capital Region know the reassurance that comes from getting medical help from a trained, caring nurse or doctor. We feel relieved and comforted that help is on the way.

Caring professionals can diagnose and treat money ailments.
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Can we ever feel that way about our finances, which are a major factor at the root of stress-related physical ailments?

A growing number of skilled, trained financial professionals are bringing financial medicine to middle-class families in our communities. They analyze situations, make diagnoses, and give prescriptions. And they also make house calls, like old-fashioned doctors.

Where are we taught?

Think about it: We're trying to get through this maze called life with no guidance on money, a major part of our lives.
We go to school. We get courses in English, History, Math, Science, and more. What course don't we get?

Has any ever taken My Money? Money 101? How to Build Savings?

The answer is very few. And, according to experts, 92% of consumers are losing sleep over finances. Medical doctors report that financial/job security worries account for the majority of their office visits.

The first-of-its-kind Family Money Health Fair, will be held in Rotterdam, NY, this Wednesday, July 16.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Save up to $200/month on Auto/Home and Life Insurance
  • Reduce credit card debt, student loans
  • Reduce taxes (and give yourself a pay raise)
  • Maximize your Roth IRA, 401 (k), your NYS pension plan, and other retirement plans
  • Get an affordable will
  • Start a 529 College Savings plan for your kids

At this free clinic, refreshments will be provided and appointments available for in-depth meetings—again, at no cost—with financial experts. Attendees will also receive a free e-copy of the award-winning book, How Money Works: A Common Sense Guide to Financial Security.

The fair will take place this Wednesday, July 16 from 6:00—7:30 pm at the Rotterdam Town Library. It is located at 1100 N. Westcott Rd. (near the Five Corners) in Rotterdam, NY

Sponsored by A Thousand Moms, PFS Investments. For more information, call (518) 952-1257.

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