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A divine beginning: myth or truth?

"Let there be light..."
"Let there be light..."

Since civilization discovered science, man has depended on scientists for answers to the mysteries of life. They translate observed data to them. Man asks inwardly, “How did I come into being?” He also asks, this time outwardly, “How did this world come into existence?” Scientists give different answers. Physicists, who are at the cutting edge of this endless quest for the ultimate answers, pose as man’s principal translators in deciphering the vast amounts of data gathered by super advanced scientific equipment.

Their theories of the origin of the universe all wrapped up and summarized in terms of mathematical equations are indeed impressive. Many highly educated people embrace their theories as laws, revering them as gospel truths. The most popular nowadays seems to be the Bing Bang Theory, which gives a lot of atheists and evolutionists a certain smug confidence in their deliberations and a smirk in their smiles when they confront believers who revere and worship the Creator-God.

Different cultures, without the aid of science, have come up with their own ideas, which defined their core faith systems. If we compare the answers provided by different religions and diverse cultures with those from science, there obviously is a great divide. People just go with whomever provides the “best” translation of what they see around them and somehow a faith system worth adhering to would be set in place. Some do not even get the opportunity to choose the ‘best” one from among so many because it is shoved into their heads by sheer force or false persuasion or mysteriously fermented in there by default.

No matter how great the divide is, sometimes there are little overlaps that may astound anyone.

For example, physicists will tell you that mathematically they can prove the existence of many parallel universes. Well, the Bible speaks of at least three: heaven, the universe where earth is found, and hell.
The Bible tells us that there is only one universe, in the midst of His manifold creations, that really matters. That universe is where He lives. We do not know where it is. Some day those He loves and who love Him will go there and live with Him forever. It is nice to know that we live only in a temporary abode called planet earth where He is teaching us the divine forms, ways and manners of love. He gives us hope that our life on earth has a purposeful continuation beyond it. Contrary to that promise, evolutionists teach that when we die we will deconstruct into elementary particles. And that’s it. Not much of a promise, is it? Many people get suckered into this false translation (or rejection) of a gospel truth.

As believers grounded in His Word, we must not let the earth become a Babel’s wasteland. We must speak out and become God’s best translators of the loving truths His Son died for.

For scripture reference:

Colossians 1:15-20


  • Will burns 5 years ago

    could you put a better link to the equation picture you posted. was all in arabic. thsnks.

  • Angelito, the author 5 years ago

    Will, the website I took this pic from no loger exists. But I have the picture file still. If you write me to, I will send u the pic. Thanks for being here.

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