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This Point of View comes in handy

My obsession,....hands. Why? I can explain, it's actually very personal for me, eczema. while most women obsess about manis and pedis, I simply keep the hope high on a daily basis that I won't have a breakout today and that I can get my job done for the day. What kind of breakout? well, let's just focus on hands for the time being because eczema does affect the skin as a whole, as it is the bodies largest organ, and probably one of the most important. I can remember back in high school after a biology dissection where I had just removed latex gloves and felt a burning sensation all over both my hands, in between my fingers, and knuckles, and especially in the fingertips. I, of course couldn't resist the temptation to scratch and I did. Little did I realize, I was making an underlying condition worse and it later developed into full blown redness, then into tiny little bumps that soon formed into tiny blisters all over my fingers. What was painful was trying to write with these little suckers in between my fingers. This didn't stop me from staying active, getting into pot throwing, print making where you are actively working with live chemicals, then into model building during college, sketching, and today computer aided design. That wasn't all, on my free time, I was painting interior murals for my boyfriend to children's playrooms and the list goes on. That was over 15 years ago, amazing how time flies but Basically, I, like you, need my hands every day not just because of my job, but on my free time I can't tell you how many different pairs of gloves I have, for biking, for outdoor circuit training and gardening. And While other women are worried about other body parts, I obsess that my hands are looking 20 years older than they already are. Let' s discuss for a sec. How many women have you ever heard say, "I love my body"? say it with me, I do everyday, "I LOVE MY BODY". Say it again, .....How does that feel? Freakin good huh! Now say it again, see, it feels so wonderful to accept yourself, just as you are. I say it often, and I find that when I do, everything I worried so much about actually made me unique. Holy shit, you just learned a new point of view!

Now when it comes to my hands, I visit construction sites, with a tube of over the counter hand creme in my pocket and always have a bottle handy in my drawer at work. A dermatologist will tell me those creams will relieve the eczema temporarily and In the past few years, I've taken a bigger pride in the appearance of my hands, only because I remember so vividly what it was like to have hands that were dry and cracked to the point where they bleed or are blistery and itchy. I learned to manicure my own hands because I found even in the brutality of normal nail salons, they couldn't be as gentle or as invasive as my hands needed without getting the job done to my level of satisfaction or without making my cuticles bleed. Now you may think this is probably the most vain article you've ever read, but you see what I offer you is simple,....a change of perspective. Very simply put, if you think a girl who obsesses with nail polish is just a narcissistic "you know what", then you fail to look beneath the surface.

Who doesn't love a little color every day, even it is a neutral buff or grey or a wicked burgundy. I'm a colorful gal and if I could wear color in any other way that wasn't considered to be well,... Clownish,...I would. What better way to say it then with nail polish, so subtle, fun,...go overboard, or island hopping, you get the point right? That's the kind of p.o.v. You need to have today, don't you think? Point is, you can't please all the jerks out there, do what makes you happy, and if something gives you the little boost of confidence or brings the color you need to go throughout the day, then do it if it helps you hold your head higher!

Maybe it isn't about being a #beautyschooldropout or about being vain at all, it's considering the story behind every person you meet. Give people the benefit of the doubt before you run off being a jerk with your self taught conclusions, or what's worse, listen to the crowd. Nothing is worse than a follower. There is always a story, always a reason, and it isn't just about trying to one up anyone or proving some ridiculous point, stop your stupidity, stop doubting yourselves, take care of yourself, and screw what everyone else has to say about it. Now say it again, "I love my body".

Bring the color. Be you.

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