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A Different Kind of Focus

Giving Petey a treat
Giving Petey a treat

Often the goal of our therapy sessions is for the child to focus on the dog.

Reading with the little dog in his lap

Look at the dog.

Talk to the dog.

Touch the dog.

Engage with the dog.

But today we were after a different kind of focus.

Can Julian focus on a task at hand while the dog was close, in his lap or walking around?

Can Julian focus on what he is reading or writing with the dog looking at him?

Kissing him?

All the distractions the dog presented only made Julian's concentration harder.

But he was able to cuddle Petey while reading.

He was able to have Petey kiss his knee while writing.

He was able to hold Petey was listening.

He was able to love Petey while being still.

He was able to show Petey one of Benny's games and teach him how to do it.

He was able to appreciate that Petey is very fragile and has to be held gently.

He was able to hear what his therapist was asking him to do and respond.

He was able to be with a dog without having to focus on the dog.

Real life was the lesson of the day.

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