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A different but clever way to engage attendees in participating in social media

QR code being scanned at trade show
QR code being scanned at trade show
Photo by Marianna Massey

As someone who does their best to keep up with industry standards for technology, including social media, I make it a practice to go to industry events from time to time. This helps me learn about what is on the horizon, and meet and greet with others in the same field. Often times at these events, I will participate in social media, usually Twitter, and send out a tweet, or two.

However, after reading about a clever way to get event participants to engage on social media, I thought I'd share it, as I think more organizations should make it a best practice. It's actually quite a simple change, that doesn't cost anything, and will allow for participants to engage with your brand via social media without extra work.

Recently, a client of uBookRental wanted to use their iPad display stands at an event, and have people send tweets from their accounts on the iPad to their followers. The logical issue is of course security. I for one won't want to enter in my login credentials on the iPad, send a tweet, and hopefully remember to logout. It's a nice gimmick, but it doesn't make a lot of sense and poses several security issues.

Mike Izmet, managing director of uBookRental, figured out a savvy way to get around this. By using QR codes and strategic placement at events, you can get participants to scan the code which is pre-populated with information you want them to tweet about. QR codes have actually become more popular recently, due to the rise of the Bitcoin payment technology. The QR code once scanned, can have information such text, Twitter usernames, URLs, and hashtags. All that you could ever want in a tweet, which will pull in your brand, and let's the person send it from their device, minus all the security hassle.