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A delivery specialist can help you get familiar with your new car purchase

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The next time you purchase a vehicle, ask if the dealership employs a delivery specialist, who can put a lid on your nerves, as they help you get familiar with your new vehicle before you drive it off the lot.

These Johnnies or Janes-come-lately are all the rage and take salesmanship to another level, as they instruct car buyers about the do-dads that will streamline their ownership experience.

Delivery specialists can help you with such technological feats as syncing your phone to your car, to instructing you on how to use the navigation and infotainment systems. These folks are knowledgeable about every gizmo that is in the vehicle you purchased and are not supposed to let you leave the dealer’s lot, until you have received a personalized tutorial about your car that has left you totally satisfied.

Car salespeople have traditionally held double duty roles, they were the ones, who not only pushed the merchandise but then also assisted their customers at the time of vehicle pick-up, answering a barrage of questions about it and tying up a major portion of their time. Now the delivery specialists, mostly college grads with affable personalities, and seemingly reliable expertise have allowed salespeople to continue to conduct sales and not waste their precious time explaining every single nuance of a vehicle.

Bottom line, delivery specialists are consultants, who have been put in place to help raise consumer satisfaction, so why not lend an ear, the next time you purchase a vehicle!

--Car Chick

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