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A delicious meal and a place to stay:  touring Ireland, the bed and breakfast way

Sunny day in the Irish countryside
Sunny day in the Irish countryside
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When planning a visit to Ireland, where does one look for an affordable place to stay?  Whether visiting a large city or a small town, visitors may wish to consider Bed and Breakfast accommodation for many reasons.  It is often an excellent choice where one can enjoy a home cooked meal and meet new people from the area they are visiting.  They may even meet other people who are visiting from around the world and make a few new friends! Touring Ireland and staying at local B&B’s is a great way to see the country, and once out of the larger cities, is ideal for taking in the ambiance of the rolling countryside of Ireland’s many beautiful and charming counties.
If one is traveling to Ireland and is considering going the B&B route, they’re in for a treat, as Ireland has many fantastic Bed and Breakfasts from which to choose, nestled throughout the country.  Choosing Bed and Breakfast accommodation is affordable, with prices ranging generally from 30 Euros to 65 Euros per person, per night, depending on whether a single or double occupancy room is reserved.  Most rooms at Bed and Breakfasts tend to be en-suite and offer amenities such as tea, coffee and cookies.
One particular highlight to staying at an Irish B&B is that they are known for their generous breakfasts.  They also have a wide range of breakfast food on offer, from lighter fare such as cereal and fruit to a full Irish breakfast, complete with eggs, toast, beans, a slice of tomato and black pudding.  They often take a guest’s order the night before so that they can plan ahead and their meal can be prepared quickly and conveniently the following morning with all the freshest ingredients.
The owners of Irish Bed and Breakfasts are also accommodating in answering any questions guests may have about the area they are visiting and are helpful in providing information about places they may wish to visit in the local vicinity.  B&B hosts will also often suggest little known sights that are not to be missed.  If one has questions about how to reach a particular point of interest, B&B owners will take the time to discuss the best route to a traveler’s chosen destination.  Many are familiar with local bus routes and timetables as well as which buses may run directly to various locations, be it a city center, tourist destination or even a favourite local pub.
And when one’s stay has come to a close, as many B&B’s are part of a network of Bed and Breakfasts in Ireland, owners are happy to call ahead to other B&B’s to see who may have a vacancy, be it a nearby village or a city a greater distance away.  This makes staying at B&B’s highly convenient for traveling at one’s own pace, rather than having to adhere to a schedule and a particular arrival time at a certain location; if travelers have flexibility in their travel plans and discover they would like to spend more time in a town that may strike their fancy.
Whether one’s stay is only over night, or for several days, touring Ireland via Bed and Breakfasts can be a great way to see this beautiful country with its stunning vistas in a more personable way, taking in the local culture and flavour of many charming towns and villages.  And it can provide a splendid opportunity to learn more about the country directly from the people who live there!
For more information on Irish Bed and Breakfast accommodation, and if you’re looking for a place to stay during a holiday to Ireland, please see the helpful links to the right .  Also included are additional useful links about Ireland.


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