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A declaration of disdain

Independence Day has come and gone and with it a new declaration; only this declaration is not one of independence but of disapproval and disdain.

Americans protesting and trying to stop illegal immigrant entry into the USA.
Americans protesting and trying to stop illegal immigrant entry into the USA.
Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images
NO Check Point Free Trade Bridge
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The current rush of illegal immigrants (or the political correct term of unregistered visitors) over flowing into our country is bringing our nation to the brink of total annihilation.

It is almost anarchy at the border towns and cities.

Here in Harlingen, Texas where this article is being written, less than one mile away a former Harlingen city building is being transformed into a makeshift administration, medical, processing and holding facility for the thousands of illegals pouring in from across the border.

Although, it is not certain this building will house these immigrants, rumors abound of such and according to one local Television station who was fortunate to get close enough to the operation there is far more going on there than just administration with the abundance of supplies being off loaded.

Harlingen is very unique as it has one of three roads accessing “Free Trade“ bridges throughout the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

The “Free Trade” bridge linked by the Paso-Real/Cantu Road of the Harlingen/San Benito and Mexico border via the Rio Grande River is less than three miles away; little known to most Americans is that there is no check points and only an “eye in the sky” (cameras) at the top of a very tall towering light which lights up the night like day light. There is a border administration office at the bridge but no check point and citizens of both countries pass through freely.

On each side of the road is usually four Border Patrol SUVs with agents staying inside. Those who cross over are never checked and walk freely both ways.

People such as this Examiner who has attempted several times to take photos is immediately met with weapons drawn by these same agents asking us to leave and surrender our cameras or phones where photos are deleted and then returned to us.

About a mile down the road these “illegals” that crossed over freely with no questions asked, are escorted to Air Conditioned Buses and driven to the Border Patrol Station on Hines Road for processing.

Now, rather than being immediately deported back across the same bridge they illegally came over on, rumors abound that they will be housed in the nearby Harlingen Conference Center and as far as anyone knows the children will become processed via the Texas Child Protective Services; all without any official approval from local or state authorities.

It appears the Administration is playing upon public sympathy for the plight of the thousands of illegal children coming across the border rather than what Pat Buchanan is calling a “peaceful invasion” and takeover of our country.

In addition, to the mass of illegals coming through our border with no questions asked is the increasing open organizing of thousands of militias throughout the nation in bold and determined opposition to practically every facet of the current administration.

One such meeting in an attempt to centralize these militias was held recently in San Antonio, Texas with no attempt to keep the meeting private; it was even reported on most news media outlets.

In one report, it was noted that militia media spokes persons claimed availability of vast numbers of military personnel, armaments and strength equivalent to that of the U.S. military.

If such a statement is true, it can only mean one thing; there are untold numbers of militia members on the inside of both our military and border patrol.

In past years, going as far back as the Ruby Ridge & David Koresh incidents, militias claimed they had members even involved with numerous Federal agencies; although nothing was ever verified, claims of such still abound all over the internet.

We must remember that the only way the South had any chance of winning in the Civil War was the result of vast numbers of Southerners who crossed over from the ranks of the Union Military once secession of states had begun; which included none other than General Robert E. Lee.

It is possible that a similar scenario is brewing and could occur once again.

The bottom line is Americans are declaring their disdain for the current illegal invasion of our country; they are “fed up with the Fed”.

While hundreds of thousands of hard working born or naturalized American citizens remain jobless, homeless and hungry, these illegal invaders are practically encouraged to come to our country by the current administration.

Although this writer does not encourage such, the potential and possibility is all too ripe for violence and anarchy; the likes of which this nation has not seen since the Civil War.

With busloads of citizens massed as human chains already preventing entry across our borders and cities entangled almost daily with Federal, State and local law enforcement, are we not far from another Fort Sumter?

It is time for real and genuine leadership in order to prevent such a catastrophe.

It is obvious such leadership does not exist in the current presidential administration resulting in total hope and dependency for such to rise up from within the Congress which holds the power of the purse.

Americans must lift their heads and hands towards Heaven seeking God’s grace, guidance and knowledge if we are to overcome this so called peaceful invasion of our land.

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