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A decade of dresses!

How can you not agree that this was the best dress of the decade?
How can you not agree that this was the best dress of the decade?

InStyle Magazine has released their picks for the top dresses of the decade.  Kate Hudson tops the list with the Versace stunner she wore to the Golden Globes in 2003.  She looked absolutely divine.  Ms. Hudson is also the MVP, her looks appeared in almost every set of photos, with some of the most memorable dresses.  Including Roberto Cavalli she wore in 2005, it looked as if it was made of mercury.  Just breathtaking.  

InStyle gives us the "Dazzling Dozen" and then gives a top ten for every year this decade.  The list is very thorough, with 121 entries.  However, there are a few questionable looks and decisions on the list. 

Jennifer Lopez appeared many times on the list, but her fashion decisions leave little to the imagination.  Who can forget J.Lo's green Versace dress that she wore to the Grammy's?  It is still referred to as "The Dress" but it should be called "The Bathing Suit Cover-Up".  Did she pull it off? Yes.  But it just lacks the class that a celebrity of her caliber should be exhibiting.   Jenny from the block appears again on the list with a look she donned in 2002.  InStyle described it as "swashbuckling."  Since when are red carpets costume parties?  She looked ridiculous with the asymmetrical hemline, the fur trimmed coat and deep neckline.  It was just all too much.  But J.Lo we forgive you.  

Another beautiful fashion muse who made the list numerous times was Natalie Portman.  She rarely makes a fashion miss, but InStyle has forgotten one of her best looks.  It was a black and white Zac Posen dress, with a spread collar.  I will never forget it.  She wore it in 2002 and looked brilliant.  She often wears this designer and they are also close friends.   

Overall, it was interesting to see the progression of style through these dresses.  In the early 2000's it was all about loud beading, big full skirts, tiny waistlines and tightly sewn satin. As we progress to the end of the decade, you see more structured dresses, with heavy adornment, but not beading: the designers begin to use futuristic pailletes, more tulle and organza.  The stylists are now focusing on the accessories; big collar necklaces, large cabochon earrings and of course, vintage never ceases to amaze. 

Who can wait to see what the next decade will bring! Happy 2010!