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A decade of 32-page storyboards

'Iron Man 2'
'Iron Man 2'
Fairview Entertainment

Since early 2000, comic books have been in the media spot light as silver screen motion pictures. Ten years later, it looks as if the business is still going strong. With the future releases of Marvel Entertainment's Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers and opposing giant DC Comics' rumored to release a third Batman, a follow up to 2006's Superman Returns, Aquaman and a possible live action Wonder Woman - there will be no shortage of anticipation.

Local comic book retailers have seen a steady growth over the past decade, and agree this growth is from the world wide media exposure due to Hollywood. As we grow up with graphic novels and comic books many of us forget the connection we had to our favorite heroes. With live action adaptations readily available we have the ability to watch our fantasies come to life and with it comes a new sense of adventure and nostalgia that knocks on every man, woman and child's heart.