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A Deafening Silence on Calgary's Anti-Israel Thugs

The organizers of an anti-Israel riot in Calgary -- during which Jewish and non-Jewish pro-Israel counter-protesters were viciously and ruthlessly assaulted -- are ready to apologize. How nice.

At this point, an apology is not nearly enough. Not unless the organizers of the protest demonstrate their commitment to non-violence by producing the perpetrators of the assaults so they can face Canadian justice.

Suffice to say, the eyes of Canada will be on Calgary this Friday as Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights and Justice for Palestinians take to Calgary's streets in protest once again, Canadians will be watching to ensure that this past Friday's thuggery does not repeat itself.

That's where Canada's eyes will be. Canada's ears should be on three men, waiting for them to finally make a peep about the violence that transpired at these groups' last rally: Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Darshan Kang and Justin Trudeau.

Nenshi was invited to the protest, which took place in front of Calgary City Hall. He declined because he was away from the city.

Kang is the MLA for Calgary_McCall. At least he will be until 2015, when he (presumably) will resign in order to run for the federal Liberal Party. He spoke at the rally, and has had nothing to say since.

Trudeau needs no introduction. He's the leader of the federal Liberal Party. Mr Kang is his candidate. And while Trudeau and the Liberal Party insists that it supports Israel, his candidate in Calgary is speaking not only at an anti-Israel rally, but at an anti-Israel rally where Jews were assaulted in the streets.

The ears of Canada are on these men. And yet their silence is deafening.

And while the organizers of that protest can find it in themselves to offer an apology (even if, unless accompanied by decisive action, could be nothing more than an attempt at damage control) these three men, each with their own sets of responsibilities to Calgarians and Canadians, remain silent.

If these men think silence will absolve them of their responsibilities, they are wrong. Silence in the face of such thuggery is comment of its own: it's a statement of consent to the political violence wrought upon a handful of counter-protesters this past week.

It's utterly shameful. And entirely unacceptable.

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