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A Day To Remember's popularity explosion


A Day To Remember, AP Magazine cover. 

A Day To Remember was one of those bands destined for greatness. Nothing proves it more than their dramatic increase of plays on Myspace (over 110 million and counting), sold out venues, and even making a mark on the charts when their third album, Homesick, was released.

They have a unique sound that many bands would not be able to pull off. A Day To Remember has a schizophrenic sound, one minute they have a pop/punk edge, then without warning, can breakdown into low growls and hardcore guitars.

For instance, they have covered American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson’s, "Since You’ve Been Gone," and The Fray’s, "Over My Head." They can then jump right back into their hardcore edge with songs like, "Welcome to the Family," and "Mr. Highway’s Thinking about the End."

Homesick, album cover.

 Yet, not only do they blend music styles, but A Day To Remember (ADTR for short) knows how to energize a crowd. Their hundreds of concerts played and their main stage performance of the 2009 Warped Tour has helped them gain many fans.

No longer is the band from Ocala, Florida playing primarily small venues. They have continued to reach incredible crowds, and are now currently venturing on their European tour, of which the first four England shows have sold out.

ADTR played at the Crocodile Rock this past September, and unfortunately, they are booked solid until Spring 2010. Hopefully, they will return to the area once again as their performances are unforgettable.

First time listeners should check out these songs: "Downfall of Us All," "If it Means a Lot to You," "The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle," "Monument," "Since U Been Gone," and "You Had Me At Hello."

. For Those Who Have Heart, album cover.

RECENT NEWS: A Day To Remember does not like when security messes with their fans. According to, a teenager was punched at their hometown performance this past weekend by a security guard. Lead singer Jeremy McKinnon stopped the show and proceeded to share his explicit thoughts about that guard, kicking him out of the club. The band then wasted no time and jumped right back into the high energy set to give fans a great show.

For more information check out their Myspace.

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