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A Day To Remember

Since their formation in 2003, A Day To Remember, has sold out entire continental tours, landed a Top 15 Billboard debut and topped the Billboard Indie Albums Chart. One question remains: why?

“Downfall of us All” opens with a hardcore metal intro, bad hardcore metal that personally made me want to turn it off and not review them for the sake of not crushing their tiny musician spirits.

Then we move on to “If It Means A Lot To You” which started off rather well, stripped down guitar, emotive vocals, right up until “I can’t come home until they’re singing la la la la”. Really? You choose to channel Ashlee Simpson? It’s not that I’m against “la la la-ing” when done correctly. That’s your ballad? “Now everyone is singing/ la la la la/ if you could wait till I get home/ I promise we could make this last. Please don’t, end it now. The lead vocal had such promise. But of course they have to push, and try to be something edgy, or all encompassing. They fall short, just barely face planting at mediocre.

“The band’s first single from the new album: “All I Want” continues to draw major attention and is flying up the modern rock charts.” I really hope this is not considered modern rock. It’s schizophrenic nonsense. Its little lost boys playing on the big stage. This isn’t your adolescence; figure out who you are as a band before just heading into the studio to record a crazy hormonal album, or four to be exact.

The band’s The Game Changers Tour begins on March 10th in Philadelphia, and stops in Royal Oak, MI on March 22nd.