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A day in the life of a shoe lover!

Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse (Plano)
Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse (Plano)
Jasmine Crockett

So I recently visited Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse for the first time. I also found out they were the sister company to Rack Room Shoes. The day I stopped here the weather was about 20 degrees, but who can pass up an opportunity to shop, better yet..SHOP FOR SHOES!! A girl can never have to many shoes. As I enter the store, I was greeted automatically buy two amazing things a pop up banner for Off Broadway's Reward Program (which I signed up for) and an up to 70% off sale! Lets be real, of course I completely became 10x more excited because I knew this shopping trip was going to get real! What I entered into was definitely not what I was expecting. Being the sister company of Rack Room, I have visited that store many times so I figured they would have the exact layout. Boy was I wrong. Seeing this it was like being in a shoe wonderland. They have literally every style shoe you can think of, the store was so neat and clean which I expected, and all the A M A Z I N G prices. Can you believe I was in this store for an hour and a half. Me either. It honestly wasn't obvious to me because I was enjoying myself trying on different shoes and trying to decide on a pair I wanted to leave with. Notice I said a pair which meant one item. Continue reading. I had such a hard time trying to decide between different shoes I wanted, for instance this super cute cowgirl boot which are 70% off might I add. Then, I saw these super cute flats by UGG, how could I leave those in the store right? Well, guess what I did! Before you ask why, you should know I came out with an amazing deal for not just one but two super cute pair of shoes. The decision became super easy when I found these. The Jessica Simpson (Julez) can be found here for only $49.99 and it also comes in black. The Eva & Zoe loafers were on sale for $29!! I also purchased a pair of house slippers (not pictured) all for $74 with a gift card "c/o" Off Broadway Shoes. If you have a Off Broadway Shoes in your area I highly recommend you stop in.