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A day late and a half crown short: the last review you'll read on this movie

Jim Carrey deserves an Oscar nod for his role in A Christmas Carol.
Jim Carrey deserves an Oscar nod for his role in A Christmas Carol.
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Because A Christmas Carol came out before the end of our hurricane season, I couldn't stand the idea of taking the kids until at least Black Friday was over - I mean, it's a winter movie, but I really (selfishly wanted to - even if it scared the Dickens out of my kids) wanted to see it and am happy to say it lived up to all the hype - not to mention my GREAT expectations. I've made a habit of watching every remake and version of the story available - from Scrooge McDuck to the musical - and to make matters worse I was “that kind of English major”, way too discerning of any literature coming out of the Victorian era. After seeing this flick, I can say that no other holiday blockbuster can (or will) hold a candle (and there’s a lot of tallow in this movie) to this Robert Zemeckis masterpiece. It was better than Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the Polar Express - not better than Forrest Gump, but that’s another ballgame.

Anyway, this Disney Digital 3-D film was 1 hour and 36 minutes of not being sure a psychedelic drug lurked in our box of Snowcaps. For anyone who wishes to actually witness a movie, rather than just watch it - for anyone who's ever wanted to reach out and pluck bright red holly from a Christmas card, or check the wreath on Ebenezer’s door for bugs...well, here's your chance. I do not exaggerate when I say I felt like I was there, and, even if that's a cliché, I can’t apologize because there's no other phrase that covers it. I have no reason to lie in this review: it was almost creepy how real it all looked. It seemed fitting that the movie begins with the 1843 hard bound edition of the book opening – safe to say it’s a time machine that never went out of print.

Now, as far as it being appropriate for, it isn't. Don't take a child under 10! My almost 5 year old started whimpering almost immediately and removed his 3-D glasses. His sister giggled at the popcorn and tried to keep her seat folded down, so light she snapped shut like an oyster unless my diaper bag anchored her down. Far too young for the movie. Yes, I know it was wrong...but I was selfish and took advantage of a PG
rating that needs bumping up to PG13! If you're wondering what sort of, well - let's call it a Litmus Test, you need in deciding whether or not your kid can handle this, use past experiences at The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom. Some of the ghosts in A Christmas Carol are eerily like the ones in that ride; in fact, there is one scene that reminded me so much of the ballroom, crowded with airborne waltzing ghosts that I started to laugh. If that scares your kid, wait for The Princess and The Frog! I'll have a review of that after December 11th. Stay tuned.


  • Lorie 5 years ago

    Jacob Marley looked like one of those big white heads in the haunted mansion library - in the trio of heads that sang!

  • YTM 5 years ago

    No surprise that you're an English major - your column is always such a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing your talent!