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‘A Day Late and a Dollar Short’: Whoopi Goldberg returns to acting on Lifetime

Whoopi Goldberg gives viewers an amazing performance in "A Day Late and a Dollar Short"
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The Terry McMillan’s book “A Day Late and a Dollar Short” has found its way to Lifetime on Saturday night and fans are going to be pleasantly surprised to see Whoopi Goldberg and Ving Rhames really offer some amazing performances. The debut of the Lifetime special is the fourth book by McMillan to be made into a movie and this film focuses on the importance of family. According to S2S Magazine on Friday, Whoopi Goldberg’s character races against the clock to heal the people she loves.

The Lifetime original movie has viewers excited to see the movie and compare it to the book. It also has fans of Whoopi Goldberg delighted to see the star back in acting. Known most recently for her co-hosting work on “The View” the star has to be best known for her comedy and her famous role in “Sister Act.” AARP blog is reporting that this is one of several big projects for Whoopi coming up in 2014 as she has a guest appearance on “Glee” and is part in the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

The story of “A Day Late and a Dollar Short,” starts when grumpy matriarch Viola Price (played by Goldberg) learns that her next asthma attack could kill her. Reflecting on her family and all the issues, she decides to diligently fix her family in a priority fashion. She doesn’t want them to die and everyone is left to situations that spiral out of control.

The Price family hasn’t experienced this kind of leadership from Viola in decades and they won't change without a fight. Viola has four kids to convince to change their ways and she won’t have an easy time bending her loved ones to see it her way. However, she does insist and the outcome offers up a look at family and all it is supposed to be when it functions correctly.

The Lifetime original movie “A Day Late and a Dollar Short” is on Saturday night at 8 p.m. ET. Don’t forget the tissues as Whoopi’s acting skills are superior and viewers will be drawn into the story.

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