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A day in Buenos Aires

Tango shows abound in La Boca neighborhood
Kayla Chen

Even as it ages, the city of Buenos Aires ages with energy and passion. This is probably why Argentines and non-Argentines alike adore the city. The essence of Buenos Aires cannot be captured in a few snapshots nor in a week in the city, but there are timeless characteristics of Buenos Aires that every traveler should know.

An average day in Buenos Aires begins with a light breakfast consisting of a medialuna, a half-moon shaped croissant normally drizzled over with honey, and a cup of café con leche (coffee and milk.) A blog post on reiterates the point that Buenos Aires is culturally more like European cities since most of the citizens of Argentina have European ancestry. This is evident in the city’s architectural landscape and the Argentines’ adoration of coffee and Western cuisine, among other things. The list of places to visit in Buenos Aires cannot be exhausted but some of the top ranking attractions include the Casa Rosada, Avenida de Mayo and the Plaza de Mayo, Bosques de Palermo and the neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta, San Telmo, Puerto Madero and La Boca, each with a distinct personality and culture. Buenos Aires is a very walking-friendly city but most of its inhabitants, including expatriates, opt for the well-regarded public transportation system.

Despite Buenos Aires being one of the busiest and the fourth largest city in South America, the city offers plenty of quiet space such as the Rose Garden (El Rosedal) and an ecological reserve (La Reserva Ecologica,) where individuals can enjoy some respite. No wonder the city remains high on the list of top travel destinations in Latin America.

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