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'A Daughter's Nightmare' comes to Lifetime on Saturday night

Emily Osment
Photo by Ari Perilstein

Every Saturday night television fans love to watch the new Lifetime movie of the week. This week you will get to see the movie "A Daughter's Nightmare" which stars Emily Osment from "Hannah Montana." On Saturday, Lifetime went to their Facebook page to share a picture of this movie cast and remind viewers to watch it tonight.

The preview posted on Lifetime shares a bit about what to expect in this movie. It stars Emily Osment as a young girl named Ariel. Fans of "One Tree Hill" will recognize the man who is the villain in this flick. His name is Paul Johansson. He played a villain on that show as well. In this movie, he is the man next door who becomes interested in her mother.

Paul plays a man named Adam. The preview shows Ariel asking why he is at her house so late and she even says that he is crazy. Her mom will turn up missing and she has to do what she can to find her. He will claim to be a nurse after meeting her mother, but of course there is a lot more to that story. Ariel will have to try to figure it out.

Her mother ends up missing and she has to do what she can to save her before it is too late. This looks like it might not happen and one clip even shows that he has drugged her mom. They actually met in a group for people who are going through grief after the loss of Ariel's father, but he also turns out to be their neighbor.

Don't miss "A Daughter's Nightmare" tonight on Lifetime. It will air at 7 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area. This movie will also air repeats over the week as Lifetime always does with their new movies. Don't miss this movie tonight.

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