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A customer service representative position can be beneficial to your career

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This article will discuss the reasons why customer service representative positions can be good choices for those who are searching for jobs.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, customer service representative (CSR) positions usually require only a high school diploma and on-the-job training for two to three weeks. Then, the new CSRs may train with more experienced CSRs for a few more weeks. In 2012, only one in five CSR positions were part time, and CSR positions existed in nearly every industry. Although some CSR positions have been sent overseas, many companies have responded to U. S. customer preferences for U.S. based support. CSRs usually answer incoming phone calls, and they also may interact with customers face to face, by email, or with live chat.

In this tight job market, new college graduates might find it difficult to immediately get jobs closely related to their college degrees. Because nearly every industry has CSR positions, however, applicants with new college degrees might be more likely to get CSR positions in companies where they eventually hope to be promoted to positions more related to and at the same level as what their college degrees should qualify them to hold.

If they do good work as CSRs for their companies, CSRs might have the advantage of internal promotions because:

  1. They are known to be well performing employees.
  2. They know all about the company, its products, services, and customers.
  3. They have demonstrated their people skills, which are important in dealing not only with customers, but also with coworkers.

After gaining experience as CSRs, even those who move on to higher level positions will have the security of knowing that CSR jobs are the types of jobs that are less likely to be automated in the future by computers and digitalization. Thus, those who lose their higher level jobs and who have CSR experience, will be more likely to have safe CSR positions to fall back upon, at least until obtaining their next higher level positions.

Like sales representative positions described in an earlier article, CSR positions have many advantages.