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A Customer Service Employee Admits To Something We Always Suspected

This icon just questions the term, “customer service.”
This icon just questions the term, “customer service.”
H. Michael Mogil

Have you ever felt that there’s no one around when you call a company about a customer service issue? Perhaps the phone just rings or you get a message asking you to leave your number so can receive a call back in 20 minutes or more? No, you won’t you’re your place in queue this way, the message usually advises. Sometimes the message (either on phone or online indicates, “someone will get back to you in 72 hours or less.”

Most of the time, thank goodness, one at least gets to speak to someone when calling customer service. The customer service representative indicates that they’ll address your concern; somehow, days or hours later, the matter lingers unresolved. When you call back, you get to speak to the same customer service person. Could they be the only one at work?

The company or the customer service representative will never admit to that. However, today, I personally experienced a break-through.

I called a parking company about a reservation change I made and did, indeed, reach the same person I spoke to yesterday. I made an off-the-cuff comment about her being the only person who worked there. She didn’t bite. Then I made the comment again and she actually admitted that she was the only person working there, “right now.”

Wow! An admission of guilt!

In all fairness, she noted that some co-workers had called in sick and she was waiting for the Calvary to arrive to help her out.

Still, I finally found a place where there really was only one person at work.

© 2014 H. Michael Mogil

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