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A Cruise: The perfect vacation for everyone in the family

Carnival's Paradise docked in Long Beach, CA.
Carnival's Paradise docked in Long Beach, CA.
Photo by: Stefanie Cornwall

If you are beginning to plan your Spring, Summer or even Winter vacations, have you considered taking a cruise? A cruise vacation offers activities and entertainment every member of the family will enjoy.

Food, food and more food.

On a cruise you can literally eat 24 hours a day. When you first arrive on the ship, head to the buffet and begin enjoying all the food the cruise has to offer. Even the pickiest of eaters will find food they like on a cruise. A cruise ship usually has several restaurants you can dine in for "free" meaning the cost has already been covered in your ticket to get on the ship. In addition to the included restaurants, there are other dining options. These "specialty" restaurants do charge an additional fee that will be added to your onboard account - after all, a cruise ship is a cashless society.

Relax at the spa.

Vacation is called vacation for a reason. That reason is to relax and enjoy life. What is a better way to relax than by having a message, or getting a facial? Different cruise lines offer different spa options, but getting a massage, a facial, a wrap or having your hair done are pretty standard options. Some even go so far as to offer acupuncture or Botox treatments. For even more relaxation outside of the spa hit the "adults only" section of the ship.

Children's Activities.

On a cruise, chances are your children will prefer to partake in their own activities. All cruise lines offer a children's "camp" of sorts. The program is broken down into different age groups. Each group has their own schedule packed full of activities, crafts, snacks and special programs. Each day you will be given the schedule of activities so you can plan with your children where they need to be and when. In addition to these day time activities (which usually end around 10p.m.) cruise lines also offer babysitting at night. If you have special plans that don't involve your children, you can sign up for babysitting. There is an extra fee associated with this service.

Hit the gym.

All cruise ships have a fitness center. Once you have indulged in all of the great food the cruise has offered you, you can work it off at the gym. Treadmills, weights, ellipticals and even a jogging track are pretty standard across all cruise lines. Some ships also offer basketball, tennis, ice skating and rock climbing if those are your preferred methods of exercising.

Prepare to be Entertained.

During the day while the children are off having fun with their activities there are plenty of things for the adults to do. Visit the casino, play some bingo, answer some trivia questions or belt out a classic at karaoke. Each day a schedule will be provided so you can make sure to catch all the games and activities you want to participate in.

Every night you will have the opportunity to attend a show. These shows range from concerts to Broadway hits to comedians and more. The shows that happen in the evening after dinner are supposed to be family friendly. For an adult themed show stay up for the late show.

An adventure like no other.

A cruise is a like a vacation on a vacation. The ship provides a lot of fun, and on top of that you are also making stops along the way at some marvelous vacation destinations. Plan your excursions ahead of time. Research the locations and pick out what adventures you would like to take. The cruise offers a variety of excursions for people of all ages. To save a little money, plan your own adventure, but don't miss sailing time or the ship will leave without you.

No matter what your personality or preferred method of having fun, a cruise can provide it. There is such a large variety of food, games, music, entertainment, activities and adventures that there really is something for every family member.

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