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A cowgirl with a camera

A Cowgirl with A Camera
A Cowgirl with A Camera
Dina C. Smith

Dina C. Smith, aka A Cowgirl with A Camera has been charming people on Facebook with her amazing pictures of nature, horses, and anything else that will hold still. Her photos also appear on WWN-Wild West News and the photos each tell a story. Dina is a charming lady and always wanted to be a cowgirl, so she is living her dream. Dina and her husband Steve spend part of the year in Colorado and the rest in Wisconsin. This provides a colorful palate of views for this creative woman.

Dina grew up in New Mexico. Due to a hearing deficit, she went to a school for the deaf for 11 years. During that time she held onto her dream to be a cowgirl and spent time letting her creativity out by writing poetry. Once her first camera came into her life, there was no stopping her creativity, but the cost of film and processing was expensive so she waited to flex her wings until more recently.

Dina explains

"When I was young it was expensive to take pictures. I got my first camera when I was in a school for the deaf. Started getting more involved about 14 years ago. Digital was less expensive. I collected photos of the old west and read the Magazine, Wild West. I grew up as a cowgirl and lived close to a stable and we rode the horses boarded there. I wanted to be a bull rider in the rodeo and thought being a cowgirl was better than cleaning the house and I love the outdoors."

Dina’s husband Steve, supports her in her photographic pursuits and her next answer was a surprise.

What was the most challenging photo you’ve taken?

"I know that immediately, it was one of a Dandeloin. I was in a serious car accident a year or so ago. A car ran over me and broke many bones. The doctors weren’t sure I was going to make it. Getting down on the ground to take the photo was very hard with my knee injury from the accident.

"The most challenging cowboy photo was Steve roping. It was hard to get the action and the cows were aggressive."

What was the funniest circumstance when you took a photo?

"It was when Steve roped me while I was taking a photo of him."

What is your favorite Western movie and cowboy actor?

"True Grit, with John Wayne. It was the first one in closed caption. James Stewart and John Wayne are my favorite cowboy actors."

Dina did a nice collection of wild flowers in the past and she may do another if she can find other types of flowers. She is also thinking of a calendar for next year.

This cowgirl's first public showing of 50 pictures will be on display and for sale at the Blair Library in Blair, Wisconsin. The show opens April 28 and the photos will be displayed until May 17 during library hours. On weekdays from 12:30 pm to 7:00 pm, Saturdays 9 – noon. Closed on Sunday.

If you would like to purchase one of Dina's photos, you can contact her through email at <>. Dina, best of luck with the show and thank you for your time doing this interview.

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