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A 'Coustic Nite in Montreal

A 'Coustic Night
A 'Coustic Night

“I Love it when a plan comes together” – John ‘Hannibal’ Smith

Seeing and hearing the musical marvel that took place in a newfound pairing last night simply reaffirmed my faith that music is indeed a bond.

Two strong Montreal musical personalities, Mrs. Josee Brault, and Mr. James Green, each unique in their styles, backgrounds and tastes, formed a “Project” that made for truly “A ‘Coustic Night” as I would like to call it.

Stepping into Duffy’s last night, (a local watering hole that Guy Fieri would love, but have to cross off his list as a “diner”) was like walking into a Tim “the Toolman” Taylor bar experience. Filled with great food, drink, tunes on the jukebox, pool players, giant screens that just had to (of course) have a winning Habs game on, and the waft of testosterone throughout, as well as those of the opposite sex who paid that waft no heed.

This Thursday was a little different, in that it was introducing a new musical pairing.

Call it Rock, call it Blues, call it Hippie music, there was a blend of everything throughout the 3 enthralling sets that kept Duffy’s full, and asking, if not telling Josee and James, to keep playing.

A musical-Roots evening, the 2 J’s decided to get together as an acoustic duo, and do what they do best, play the music they like, entertain you, and just have a good-damn-time doing it. A low-stress gig without politics, simply about the craft, and the music.

Throw in a very responsive and participatory crowd, and you have a night of merriment and mirth (and yes, alcohol did contribute for some), but that’s what adds to the comfort and hometown feel that had/has these great musicians playing in what used to be our very own “Mister Donut”.

Music is made of moments. Moments become memories.

This evening had a few, and that’s what causes people to remember, to talk, (and some even to write), and promote the simplification and joy that can be had in having a night out and enjoying a “table of song” with your Hosts.

James played guitar and sang, Josee did the same, as well as adding in her mandatory and rhythmic percussive talents on a few pieces, and the pair also called up Josee’s husband John Shane to play guitar, mandolin and vocals, as well as bass player Benoit Cadot who eventually joined all on stage.

A 1st evening with Josee & El Gato (*Author’s license reserved) , was for all intents and purposes:

a humdinger of a honkytonk bootscuttlin’ knee slappin’ table thumpin’ beer-bottle knockin’ join the chorus and slap your friend-on-the-back kind of musical night.

There was no way that you could not know the set lists as devised by these 2 minstrels, and loving the acoustic renditions of each and every one.

Josee has been laurelled and lauded in her musical experience as an acoustic performer, singer and founder of SoulFusion, singer with the Triple Threat Blues Band, and creator behind the recent Marathon of Hope. A Montreal Siren, completely at ease singing whether it be a hymn, the National Anthem, or gut-wrenching Soul and Blues to wailing the likes of Led Zeppelin.

James Green is best known as a premiere electric/acoustic Blues/Rock guitarist that can go from 0-60 with a simple riff, or from 60-0 with a smile and wink. Hosting his Blues Electric project, as well as being lead guitarist with the renowned Blushing Brides (Rolling Stones tribute group). World travelled and just so “Jimi – Experienced”, there’s always a few notes that will reach out and grab the audience.

Both honed at their craft, they love what they do, and it’s always about the Music.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t named any songs, reason being: get out and see them. Encourage those that foster great music. Talent is a terrible thing to waste, and these musical entities do what they do best, they entertain, they invoke and evoke reaction and participation.

Their pairing is karmic, it’s kismet, and it’s just damn good, truth be told.

See them. Hear them. Enjoy.

They’ll be back again, and again.

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