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A couple's checklist of '29 Divorce Busting Habits'

A couple's checklist of '29 Divorce Busting Habits.'
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Do you desire a better marriage? Are you planning on getting married? Do you want to stay out of divorce court?

On Sunday, the Ballingers of Southfield, MI celebrated their 29th marriage anniversary, and shared some unique tips on avoiding divorce that can help you in your new marriage or your next marriage. It is customary that this author, Sima Ballinger and her husband, Marvin Ballinger celebrate their wedding anniversary every single year by doing something unique. And this year they devised a list of "29 Divorce Busting Habits" that will destroy those things that hinder your marriage. The list goes like this:

  1. Follow the scripture in Ephesians 5.
  2. Be equally yoked - be compatible in your beliefs.
  3. Practice laughing together, it is the quickest and cheapest way to improve your marriage.
  4. Meet your spouse's sexual needs and desires.
  5. Take time to look good for your spouse.
  6. Understand that your marriage is not like any other couple's.
  7. Believe the best about your spouse.
  8. Remember that God establishes and keeps the marriage together.
  9. Know that your marriage will be tested often.
  10. Be careful about accepting unqualified advice.
  11. Pool your finances and resources together.
  12. Do fun things together regularly.
  13. Avoid stress created by overspending.
  14. Be open to your mate's way of thinking.
  15. Listen twice as much as you talk.
  16. Take turns in choosing your outings.
  17. Forgive each other in the worst of times.
  18. Become familiar with how to build each other up.
  19. Pray together and individually for each other.
  20. Try new things to help your marriage grow.
  21. Be patient with your spouse to save some heartache.
  22. Don't allow people to get between you and your spouse.
  23. Show appreciation to your spouse everyday.
  24. Practice saying five of the most important words: "I will do the dishes."
  25. Practice saying four of the most important words: "This is for you."
  26. Practice saying three of the most important words: "I forgive you."
  27. Practice saying two of the most important words: "I agree."
  28. The most important word is: "We."
  29. Surround yourself with other couples who also practice "Divorce Busting Habits."

Hope you enjoyed the list, and if you feel someone you know can use this information, please share.


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