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A couple of IPAs to try on a hot day

Hot summer days make me think of drinking a nice cold beer. But not so cold I can’t taste the real flavors the brew master intended me to taste. One of my favorite styles of beer is India Pale Ale, IPA. This style was originally created in England to make a beer that could be transported to India for the British troops. Regular ales would spoil on the long ship journey. British brewers came up with the solution, increase the alcohol content and use bittering hops as a natural preservative. It worked! The British troops got their beer and American craft brewers discovered the style. British Brewers first made the beer in the 18th century and American brewers revived the ale in the 20th century. Now it more popular than ever in the 21st century.
American brewers took over this style and turned into one of the most popular styles of beer today. Recently I tried a couple of IPAs and here they are.
Eel River, Certified Organic, IPA, from Fortuna, California weighs in at 7.2%abv. It has a dark amber color with a quickly receding off white head. It has aromas of rye bread, lemon, mandarin orange and pine. The palate starts with up front sweet malt, tangy grapefruit and pine with a long crisp finish. This is a nice drinking IPA, some may be surprised by the upfront sweetness on the palate, but the bitter hops come in and balance it out.
Eel River Brewing is America’s first certified organic brewery. They went organic in 1999 and have been brewing organic brews ever since. It is nice to see brewers looking out for the earth and taking steps to use the best and cleanest ingredients.
Joseph James Brewing from Southern Nevada is on a mission to brew fantastic beers using the highest quality ingredients available. Their Hop Box Imperial IPA weighs in at a hefty 9.3% abv. It is dark orange in color with a quickly receding ivory colored head. Citrus aromas blend with some tropical fruit notes and light pine on the finish. Caramel flavors hit the palate first and are backed up with some light citrus flavors and a very short finish. The sweetness is a little too much for me.
Here are two IPAs to try, I prefer the crisp and more bitter style, but keep trying until you find the style you like best.

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