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A Couple of Books You Might Love

Oh you'll love this book!
Oh you'll love this book!
Tiffany Baker

Almost every child loves to have stories read to them and often the favorites are ones with some excitement, neat pictures and a happy ending.  A recent find at the local library in Lincoln was the book Can I Play Too?  by Mo Willems.  The story centers around three characters, Elephant, Piggie and their new friend, Snake.  Snake has no arms but he still wants to play catch.... can it be done?  This book is a treat and will have both parents and children laughing in delight and it's one that you won't mind reading over and over again .... and you will have to! 

Another book that has inspired certain little boys to try their hands at cooking is Eric Carle's Pancakes Pancakes.  In this tale, illustrated in Carle's customary style, Jack wakes up and fancies pancakes for breakfast.  His mother is busy but tells Jack everything he has to do to get those pancakes made!  The books ends with Jack and his mother cooking the pancakes and if you and your child follow the instructions you will be surprised at how tasty the results really are.  

So there you have it. Reading aloud, laughing, cooking and eating.  The best way to spend the day!


  • Profile picture of Alicia Bayer
    Alicia Bayer 4 years ago

    We love Mo Willems books at our house! I'll have to look for these. Thanks!

  • Profile picture of Samantha Chaffin
    Samantha Chaffin 4 years ago

    Mo Willems' books are a big, big fave in our house!! We haven't read Pancakes Pancakes, I'll have to see if our local library has that one. Thanks!

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