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A Corpus Christi family review of Star Wars in Concert

Photo by Ester Schlimper
Photo by Ester Schlimper

'This is the best night ever.' 'I will never forget it for the rest of my life.'

Those were the words that came from my seven year old girl last night as we left the Star Wars in Concert show at the American Bank Center. Although, something I'm sure will come along that will have her saying the same thing again, the show last night was indeed a sight to marvel. After all, all the way home and most of this morning, we were all humming the music of John Williams.

The show, which in itself was a unique multi-media event, with footage of the six epic films that make up the Star Wars Saga being displayed on a tall LED super-screen and at times was accompanied by a laser light show, offered the audience a new way to experience the journey that is Star Wars. Anthony Daniels, the actor who played C-3PO, offered a light-hearted, well laid narration of the all the films and even gave the audience a little taste of C-3PO. He was an added bonus for audience members as he did an excellent job of connecting with us and helped tie in the entire Star Wars Saga films.  What's important to note is that although the the images and the way the films were edited to accompany the music were a sight to see and Anthony Daniels was classic, it was the music that we were all there for.

The live Symphony Orchestra and Chorus which accompanied some of the scores were simply amazing. What audiences left with was a new understanding and appreciation for the music of John Williams. Although the six Star Wars films are epic by themselves, it is the music that sheds light to the story and no one can argue that Star Wars would simply not have been the same without this Academy Award winning music.

There were many families, couples, and mega fans in the audience and it was clear to see that the thrill of Star Wars lives among the smallest fans to the eldest as I imagine it will continue to do so for many years. Although some parents had a tough time keeping their small children interested in the show throughout the whole performance, for those die hard little fans, like my five year old, self-proclaimed 'Darth Baby,' thoroughly enjoyed it. As for the teens that sat behind me, it was clear that they both had a love of the films as well as a love of the music which they commented on continuously throughout the evening.

Overall, the show was itself was a success and thoroughly enjoyable. At the very least the exhibit of actual Star Wars props and costumes were worth the trip to see it.