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A Coral Reef in Indiana?

The Indiana Reef features more than 100 individual pieces of sea life.
The Indiana Reef features more than 1000 individual pieces of sea life.
Indiana State Museum/kmoore

Its ancient history the state of Indiana was once covered by water, as evidenced by the fossils that paleontologists regularly find here.

The Indiana State Museum's first floor Ancient Seas galleries have extensive rock and fossil collections, as well as other preserved specimens of ancient creatures.

Sept. 1 - Oct. 31, 2010 that first floor gallery will also feature The Indiana Reef, a huge and colorful coral reef that was entirely crocheted by volunteers.  Yes, that said crocheted!  The Crochet Guild of Indianapolis enlisted the help of hundreds of its members, as well as inmates from the Women's Prison to create thousands of individual pieces of coral and sea life.

The Indiana Reef is one of many locally-based satellite reefs constructed by citizens like you with assistance and guidance from the Institute For Figuring. Other satellite reefs have been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Australia with more under way in South America and Africa. The Indiana State Museum and the Crochet Guild of Indianapolis are proud to partner in this world-wide endeavor! To see examples of other satellite reefs or to learn more about the Institute For Figuring, please visit

Crochet Coral Kits
The Indiana Reef is a project that doesn’t just stop with the exhibition. You can pitch in and help our crochet coral reef continue to grow. Starting on Sept. 1, visitors can get a crochet kit which contains instructions, yarn and a crochet hook. Kits can be picked up at one of two locations. You can request a kit at either the Naturalist's Lab located in the Ancient Seas Gallery on Level 1 of the museum or at the Information Desk located in the Governor Frank O'Bannon Great Hall. Just ask the volunteer working in both spaces for a kit. After you finish your piece, return it to Carol Frohlich of the Crochet Guild of Indianapolis. It will then be incorporated into The Indiana Reef.


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