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A copasetic moment in Washington

Calm over Washington DC
Calm over Washington DC
James George

Reasons to smile today begin with bipartisan approval of the $1.1 trillion spending bill necessary to serve America's needs.

A small item stands out in the compromise, something that is politically correct, but should be unnecessary as a spending item: “new programs to combat sexual assault in the military.” The US military has sufficient training resources to prevent sexual assault without special funding. That is just the military and politicians trying to make a statement.

Smart is reducing funding for the Department of Homeland Security Anacostia Campus. Homeland Security cost is excessive and just another form of welfare, including corporate welfare, that fails to add to the gross domestic product.

The brakes have been put on Obama’s spending.

“Despite the increases, the bill would leave agency budgets tens of billions of dollars lower than Obama had requested and ­congressional Democrats had sought. That represents a victory for congressional Republicans, who, after three years of fevered battles over the budget, have succeeded in rolling back agency appropriations to a level on par with the final years of the George W. Bush administration, before spending skyrocketed in an effort to combat the recession.”

While Congress continues to make tactical agreements that keep the nation in business, it has failed to address the core needs for a sustainable economy. The gap widens between wealthy Americans and the poor, while the middle class is disappearing.

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