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A conversation with Jamie Buckingham’s son, Bruce

Jamie Buckingham © MinistryToday
Jamie Buckingham © MinistryToday
Jamie Buckingham © MinistryToday

“This website is dedicated to Jamie Buckingham (1932-1992) and to preserving his written and spoken words for all generations to experience.” With this statement believers are re-introduced to a remarkable leader in the body of Christ, by the son who loves him. Jamie was a Baptist minister who encountered the Holy Spirit when he went to New York to write his first book, “Run, Baby, Run” with gang leader Nicky Cruz. He went on to write over 40 books, minister around the world, found a church in Melbourne, Fla., and he had a heart for Israel.

Bruce Buckingham is passionate about sharing the teachings of his father with this current generation through converting them into a digital media format. The project began six months ago as he was praying about what to do after retiring from NASA. Bruce got the idea for preserving and sharing his father’s works when he was contacted by a radio station wanting to air some of Jamie’s teachings.

Bruce expanded the project to cover not only audio teachings, but compiling Jamie’s out-of-print books as well. Two books, “Risky Living” and “A Way Through the Wilderness,” are now available in e-book format. They can be downloaded for free at the Jamie Buckingham Ministries web page. One can also listen to some of Jamie’s messages through the “Teaching of the Week” link.

Bruce has also compiled a set of his father’s quotes into a book, “Thoughts From the Heart of God.” This one shares Jamie’s comments on individual ministry, “The real work of the kingdom of God is not carried on by miracle workers or high profile preachers. The real work of the kingdom is carried on by people like you and me as we go about our daily lives. Everyplace we put our foot God wants us to leave a spring in the desert for others to benefit from. God wants us to be a people of compassion and hope and love. He wants us to exude faith everywhere we go and with everyone we encounter. He wants us to trust him at all times and to carry on regardless of our particular wilderness situations. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. And if you will seek him and listen for his voice he will speak to you and he will bless you….with his presence. And in his presence he will bring healing and power and a deep knowledge on your inside that will give you satisfaction and abundance in life. (JB – 1976)”

Bruce’s heart is to make all of Jamie’s works available, at no cost. However, you can support him in his effort through donations on the web site.

(For anyone who’s seen a shuttle launched from KSC in the past 20 plus years, Bruce is the one saying “… 3, 2, 1 … Booster Ignition and LIFTOFF!” – view Discovery launch here)

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