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A continued lack of common sense in congress

Thanking Veterans
Thanking Veterans

Despite the continued outrage by many Americans over the slashing of veteran’s retirement benefits by congress in order to pay for their own reckless spending and debt, congress continues on with business as usual.

On Thursday Democrats led by Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), managed to block a ‘common sense” fix to a tax loophole proposed by Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). This amendment would have restored the COLA that veterans rightfully earned, and provided the funding needed to pay for additional unemployment while reducing the national debt. This tax loophole, used for years has allowed illegal immigrants who want to be dishonest to claim a child tax credit for children that are either not their own, do not exist or are not even in the United States, giving them in some cases, refunds up to $30,000.

Sen Boxer who argued against this proposal stated, ‘you’re going to take away food out of their mouths.’ Yet how can food really be taken out of the mouths of children that do not exist or are not really even dependents living in the United States? If these congressional members were truly worried about the welfare of these children, they could simply fix this problem by issuing temporary social security numbers to the children of illegal immigrants that are true dependents living in the United States as we do to visiting scholars, and ensure they are registered in local area schools.

However, for many in congress, let’s be honest: The darker side of this tax issue is not really about the welfare or concern for children, and it is certainly not about veterans. If it were about children, even our veterans who have already given so much would give even more for them. The real issue which no one wants to discuss is the desire by some for a larger constituent base by appealing to those that may someday become U.S. citizens. Yes, the immigration debate and problem that never gets resolved. However, make no mistake; illegal immigrants are also being used for the benefit of some in congress.

If congress really wanted to effectively deal with immigration reform and the need for workers, why can’t they simply create a working holiday visa program similar to Australia, which would allow temporary immigration, effective enforcement, and the collection of taxes in our country? This would once and for all resolve this problem and create revenue instead of debt, but it would not necessarily increase one party or another’s constituent base. Instead, it seems to be easier to hide difficult or unjust issues by penalizing, abusing and taking away from those that have already given so much. When will this injustice and lack of common sense end?