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A “conservative extremist” is an oxymoron

Conservatives, by now, have been called every insulting name that the dictionary contains. Conservatives are extreme, they’re radical, they’re fanatics, they’re on the fringes of society, they’re terrorists, which implies at least some level of violence, they refuse to compromise.

However, one of the more frequent insults the Left likes to use against conservatives is to call them radicals.

These aren’t observations that the Left makes, but that doesn’t stop them from repeating these falsehoods over and over. It has become a meme now among the politically aware: conservatives are uncompromising radicals.

Well, if one looks up the word radical at the he would find the following synonyms for the word radical: leftist, extremist, fanatical, violent, far-out, freethinking, militant, progressive, insurgent, and uncompromising. The word “conservative” or “rightist” does not appear there anywhere.

Further, the antonyms for radical appear to be moderate, peaceful, obedient, and conservative.

Looking up the word conservative, one would get the following synonyms: middle-of-the-road, timid, traditional, reactionary, bourgeois, steady, quiet, right and the slur redneck.

Therefore, Conservatives are by definition not extreme. They call for moderation and temperance and veering away from any extreme or drastic changes. Whereas, liberals, who want to stretch the definitions of “normal,” of “good,” of “moral,” of just about everything that’s already been established, are extreme by definition.

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