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A Connecticut Yankee in King Obama’s court

Lt. Vance who thinks it is his job to intimidate and cower instead of “protect and serve”
Lt. Vance who thinks it is his job to intimidate and cower instead of “protect and serve”
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

In 1889 Samuel Clemens (AKA: Mark Twain) published “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs court”. The Cliff Notes version is a foreman in a firearms factory located in Hartford has a workplace accident and is transported to medieval England. Once there he attempts to fight social injustice and superstition with his superior knowledge of mans progress and advancements over the years.

Imagine if you will the protagonist of our story Hank Morgan propelled not 1300 years into the past but a mere 186 years into the future. What would shock him more, the state of human affairs in medieval England or the changes in his Hartford Connecticut neighborhood? Surely he would have thought the advances in science and human knowledge would lead to a better life for all.

He would be shocked to see the abundance of ably fit young people standing around doing nothing. When he finds out it is the result of the government supporting such sloth he would wonder what happened to the New England work ethic and the Yankee ingenuity so prevalent in his day. Some might be explained away by the myriad of government agencies created to provide employment for unemployable acquaintances of whoever was last elected. Whose actual effect is the stymieing, taxing and collecting fees from anyone with ambition.

Hank would witness his own industry under assault from the same groups that look to confiscate portions of profit he worked so hard to earn. Mr. Morgan would immediately recognize the absurdity of demonizing the fruits of his labor when used by criminals but coveted by government under the rule of law. He would see his legal customers made criminals by the stroke of a pen and made to jump thru hoops just to purchase his product still deemed legal for the moment. Those that try to follow the law and are rejected are threatened with the same arms they were trying to register. (Link here) To make matters worse still the State police tasked with maintaining law and order seem to be chomping at the bit to use their assault rifles to kick in the doors of the people that they are paid to protect.(See 7:30 of video)(Cop vows left nut to kick in doors)

He would see a government he doesn’t recognize from his days in Harford. He would witness town hall meetings with only the handpicked whose only goal is not to listen but collect sound bites. He would see slavery by the individual replaced by the more insidious slavery by the state. Shockingly find that sex, formally quietly shared between loving couples now shouted from the rooftops as if it was just discovered. Found that faith in religion and science replaced with preachers of hate and envy and science derailed by wizards like Al Gore.

Yes Hank Morgan would find quite a different world from the one he left in 1828. He might even find himself by default the smartest person in town not having a degree from an institute of higher indoctrination. What he would discover is that whether medieval or modern man is man. The strong will try to control the weak, the smart the gullible and men will line up for what is “free” even if it cost them their liberty.

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