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A complete guide to making your own baby food

Colorful cubes of frozen homemade baby food
Colorful cubes of frozen homemade baby food
Beverly O'Neal

The moment is finally here: After months of breast milk and/or formula, and a few weeks of baby cereal, your baby's ready to try "real" solid food. Sure, you could buy jars of food at the store, but why not try making your own baby food? There are many benefits to making baby food at home, including:

  • It's easy, especially in the first month or two, when your baby's eating single fruits and vegetables or two-food combinations. You can also make and freeze two weeks' worth (or more) of baby food in one afternoon or evening.
  • It can be easier on the wallet than buying jarred food, which can cost up to $1 per jar (more for third-stage, chunkier foods).
  • Homemade baby food often has more flavor because the food has not been cooked at ultra-high temperatures in order to preserve shelf life.
  • If you're feeling that all-too-common (but unnecessary) "mommy guilt" for whatever reason -- weaning, working outside the home, etc. -- making your baby's food can be emotionally satisfying.

Plus, it's just plain fun to see a freezer shelf stocked with colorful cubes of baby food. Want to get started? Just read the articles in this guide:

How to make and store your own baby food
Simple baby food recipes
Buying organic produce on a budget: Tips for South Bay parents

For more information about feeding solid food to your baby, including when to start, what to feed and how to transition from the breast or bottle, see:

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  • Elise Godinez Kern 5 years ago

    I love making my son's food - it is quite satisfying, and he seems to love it!