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A Community Table for Boston: Next Thursday at the Babson Boston campus

Community Table at Babson
Community Table at Babson
Emily Weiner

Next Thursday, January 16, from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m., Food Sol, an action tank for food Entrepreneurship of All Kinds™ at Babson College, will host its first Community Table in Boston at the Babson Boston Campus.

Over the past year and a half, Community Table has become a sort of modern-day grange, an easy, creative, and collaborative hub where students of food and food entrepreneurs of all kinds can gather to support one another’s work.

The design of Community Table is light but deliberate in its aim to encourage attendees to think and create across sectors and silos. We have found the richest outcomes to contain pieces of multiple food lenses and perspectives. For food entrepreneurs, in particular, this is critical as they build products, services and innovations for a competitive marketplace within a wickedly complex food system populated by eaters who are becoming increasingly aware of the dilemmas baked into their food.

Community Table format is always one table, one conversation, once a week, in-person participation only. While this never changes, each Table is a unique and somewhat spontaneous constellation of the voices, perspectives, and resources seated around it that day.

Discussions unwaveringly focus on collectively addressing attendees’ questions and ideas in service to moving their individual visions and ventures forward.

Our starter topic on Thursday will be new opportunities in Boston urban agriculture in light of the recent citywide re-zoning.

Community Table is always come-when-you-can, leave-when-you-need-to and there are no formal presentations. Just a great conversation aimed at spreading good food ideas and resources, teaching each of us something new, and helping those who come seeking the Table’s guidance to make progress.

It's an exciting time for food systems in Boston. Hope to see you there.

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