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A Community's Resolution

The New Year is here and that means there are so many wonderful things to look forward to. Many people make resolutions about losing weight, eating healthier, going to church or finding a new job. One of the reasons people make resolutions is to make themselves feel or look better, they feel there is a need for improvement in some way, and these resolutions bind them to these goals.

One resolution we should all make is one to ensure those that are most vulnerable feel that there is still hope in the midst of their circumstances. There are people out there who are hurting, many women and children who have no place to go or a place of refuge. We find many who are homeless because they are fleeing an abusive relationship or have been trying to make it on their own without much help.

As the New Year begins with parties and social events, parades and football games, the reality is that some are not in the festive mood as they try to figure out their next step in life. Where will they live, will their children be safe, "will he find me" or "will I be ok"?

The resolutions for the community have to be ones that continue to promote healthy relationships, sustain avenues of refuge, offer referrals and support advocacy at every level. Whatever it takes to ensure safety and security for those who are the most vulnerable in our city is what this next year should hold for everyone. This is the goal. This is the resolution.

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