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A Community gathers to garden


Bring your friend welcome sign

With delightfully worded welcome signs on the entrance gate, you are drawn to the pebble stone path or wooden steps which takes you into the garden.

Oakhurst Community Garden in Decatur Georgia is nurtured by Stephanie the Executive Director, Geri the Volunteer Coordinator, Mariam the Youth Programs Manager, and the community. The community is composed of children from the local school district, visiting students from other districts, members of the surrounding community, other guests, and daily volunteers. The garden has several areas of interest with something for everyone.


In the garden you will find a children's adobe playhouse, raised bed plots for rent, raised bed plots for wheelchair bound persons, a chicken coop which houses four free range chickens used for organic eggs, six wooden bee boxes with enclosed hives, a pond with frequent frog visits and Koi, gourds hanging from a trellis near the entrance, composting with rules and regulations posted, a row of jalapeno peppers which are donated to a local restaurant to include in their sauce, and two areas which displays fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs for sale. Among the various organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers you will find a variety of peppers, tomatoes, basil, squash, pumpkins and eggplant growing in the raised beds.

Oakhurst Community Garden offers multiple classes monthly
which promote sustainable living with organic gardening. The
classes and garden activities raises the consciousness of the
importance of health and nutrition. By the end of the year
the garden family hopes to complete a greenhouse project.


Plan a trip to the garden and relax on a bench, volunteer your time, purchase inexpensive plants, take classes or tour the garden.


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