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A Comedy In Too Many Acts: Why The Bering Strait Theory Is Still A Theory

We Know Our History
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Well here comes another one, just like the other ones-

Tom Petty

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! A new and improved slant on the Bering Strait Theory! Get yours today, Extra! Extra! Excuse me while I....yawn. I'm sorry but I just can't help my malaise. Those silly scientists, anthropologists, and historians, still at it. What's it been, a hundred years? They haven't been able to prove their silly little theory in all this time and yet they're still out there, desperately trying to prove what can and will never be proven.

There's a reason after all this time it's still called the Bering Strait THEORY. One would think after generations of digging, and thinking, and postulating and hypothesizing, that someone would be able to prove this fantasy. But the fact is they haven't, they can't, and they never will to any American Indian's satisfaction. They never will because the Bering Strait Theory is racist.


I said it.



Their little white washed story holds that all American Indians came across a mystical land bridge from Asia/Russia twenty five thousand years ago. Then we spread from tip to tip of the Americas and back again, with several cultures migrating not southward but northward from what we now call Central and South America in the couple of thousand years before Columbus. Several of our tribes have an oral history of coming north from that region many, many generations ago. All of this supposedly happened in time frames not seen anywhere else in the world.

How can this be? Given that scientists know how far humans tended to move and establish cultures, and how long it took cultures to flourish, NONE of the BS theory (see what I did there?) holds water. Then there's the itsy bitsy problem of the hard evidence. Settlements have been found all over the Americas that predate this migration across some fantastic bridge. Vine Deloria Jr. discussed this and other contradictions in Red Earth, White Lies. He identified human migration from.....over there......didn't make sense as we know horses. camels, and many other species of animals migrated away from the Americas. That humans would pass them going the other way simply defies logic.

But wait! A new spin on the old lie has turned up in the column titled Out of Beringia, by University of Utah anthropologist Dennis O'Rourke and John Hoffecker of the University of Colorado. In it, they now say there were trees and stuff on this ice bridge, and the soon to be paleo Indians stopped for tea or something and waited for ten thousand years until they shuffled off to build their nations in the Americas. As for proof, who needs proof? It all sunk when the ice melted and the sea levels rose. It's true, I read it all on

Perhaps these learned men should read this same website dated November 18, 2004 when hard evidence found along the Savannah river in what we now call South Carolina proves humans were thriving there some 50,000 years ago, well before the last ice age. Ditto the evidence found in the grand canyon basin that is carbon dated to 40,000 years ago. Did I mention their inability to make the Bering Strait Theory work?

So naturally one has to wonder, why keep pounding their heads against this anthropological wall? As I alluded to earlier, it all comes down to racism. I'm not saying anthros get up in the middle of the night and put on a bedsheet to burn crosses. What I am saying is that they've been so indoctrinated into the idea that American Indians were immigrants that they just can't think outside that stupid eugenic box. See if Indians were immigrants too that means we just happened to arrive here a bit before the white man and so hey we all came from somewhere else and we really can't call ourselves Indigenous to this hemisphere. It's rooted in a desperate need for moral relativism and these guys, despite all their degrees, just can't see the forest for the trees they now think grew....on ice. There is a deep, subconscious need to sugar coat or make relative the genocide that happened when our cultures met. The Bering Strait Theory was born of this desperation.

Let us not forget that if they had any common sense to go along with their academic prowess, they would simply sit down with American Indian elders and document our stories, handed down orally for thousands of years. If they would do this they would find cohesion in all the inconvenient evidence that keeps shooting their beloved theory down. Alas, sitting down to speak with Aboriginals in a tipi, or hogan, or longhouse appears too much to ask. I echo my ancestors lament, when I wonder when the white man will ever have knowledge to go with his learning.

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