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College student falls to death after eating pot cookie in Denver

Levy Thamba
Levy Thamba

On Thursday, investigators continue to look into the death of a 19-year-old Wyoming college student who fell to his death on spring break in Colorado.

Levi Thamba Pongi fell from the balcony of a Holiday Inn after eating a pot-laced cookie, the Denver coroner said Wednesday, in what is believed to be the state’s first death linked to marijuana since legalization began in January.

The Denver Police say they are still investigating the death, but the autopsy lists the cause of death as “multiple injuries due to a fall from height” and says “marijuana intoxication is a significant contributing factor.” The manner of death is classified as an accident.

Michelle Weiss-Samaras, a spokesperson for the Denver coroner’s office,“This was not a suicide, and he was not a regular drug user."

Due to Pongi’s age, he still would not have legally been allowed to buy the pot cookie under the new law, which restricts marijuana sales to 21 and up, just the same as alcohol. It is not clear where he got the pot cookie.

What do you think? Should pot be legal in Colorado?

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